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Take on the role of a Junior Bureaucrat (Colonial Grade), sent forth to seek fame, promotions, and natural resources to feed the ravenous maw of Imperial Industry & Commerce. Build a prosperous colony, fill it with magnificent factories worked by oppressed labourers, and harness the awesome power of steam through fearsome machines invented by determined men and women of Science! History is yours to seize for fame and fortune, for Science, and for the Queen and the glory of the Clockwork Empires!

Coming Spring 2014 for
Windows, Mac & Linux
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Gameplay & Features:

  • Build a colony and manage the characters who live in it, each with unique histories: The colony set in a Victorian steampunk era, as well as the lower, middle and upper class characters, have their own memories and unfolding futures which are shaped by your choices.
  • Free-form goals: Every scenario is what the you make of it. As you colonize an unknown land, objectives are given by “The Empire”, but you may choose to align with another faction - or none at all - if so you desire. There are rewards and consequences for each decision.
  • Cosmic Horror, Factories, Booze, Science, Et Cetera: Complete with all the elements for an industrial revolution, a colonial society pushed too far will break down and unleash horrors such as cultists, marauding fish-people, axe murderers, and things darker still from Beyond the Stars.
  • Sharing and Successive Multiplayer: Supporting up to four players online, or via a turn-based ‘round robin’ successive multiplayer, the saved-game file option encourages other player Bureaucrats to further diverge histories and continue building & expanding those colonies.
Clockwork Empires: Airship

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Clockwork Empires Weekly Development Blog
Follow the ongoing struggle of Game Development in the Old Way by reading the Gaslamp Games Weekly Blog Post. Each week a shiny new entry is hand-crafted by actual suffering game developers, revealing to you the sordid stories and terrifying travails of the creation of Clockwork Empires.   { read more }

Clockwork Empires: The Press Release
Gaslamp Games, Inc., independent game developers and makers of the critically acclaimed Dungeons of Dredmor, are pleased to announce their new title, Clockwork Empires, for the Windows, OS X, and Linux platforms.   { read more }

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Clockwork Empires in the News

March 28, 2014Clockwork Empires: Victorian Steampunk at its Finest (GameRanx)
Use of opium and alcohol, villagers named Squeers, fish people, badgers, steampunk—what more could you want in a game the parades itself around the idea of 19th century British Imperialism? Stay tuned, as Clockwork Empires is marked for release in late spring of 2014.

March 26, 2014Getting Drunk And Getting High In Clockwork Empires (Gamespot)
Villagers chopping trees and farmers putting a hoe to soil – those were the sights I expected (and found) in this management simulation, which finds an intriguing middle ground between the city building of SimCity and the emergent anxieties of Dwarf Fortress. But terrors from the deep weren't on my radar. Nor, for that matter, did the town residents expect them. Some villagers panicked while others beat the fish people with their fists, and eventually, the local militia gunned them down...

March 20, 2014It's Time To Get Excited About Clockwork Empires (Rock Paper Shotgun)
A simulation game where each tiny human lived their own lives, had their own thoughts and feelings and memories, and behaved accordingly. It’s a claim we’ve heard so often that it’s hard not to dismiss it out of hand. So much so that when Dungeons of Dredmor developers Gaslamp Games were claiming it, I demanded they stop and prove it to me… They did. Clockwork Empires, a colonial village building sim (of sorts) pulls you in with the cult monster worship, but you stay for the extraordinary AI....

March 19, 2014Clockwork Empires encourages spectacular, horrific failure (Games Radar)
Clockwork Empires, like any good city-builder, gives you tools with which to stave off your society’s nightmarish decline. But its hook is in encouraging those failures – and making them as spectacular (and ghastly) as possible. Whether it be the otherworldly horrors, cannibalism, or your own guiding hand encouraging mass opium production in lieu of food, Clockwork Empires' biggest draw is all the ways it enables glorious, terrifying failure...

March 18, 2014Clockwork Empires hands-on: Life and death on the frontier (PC Gamer)
What’s most appealing to me about the game is Gaslamp’s intention to replicate the Dwarf Fortress-like experience of failure not simply being a disappointment, but something that triggers “narrative successes.” As Jacobsen told me in 2012, “When you were a kid and you built with Legos, eventually you build something up and you knock it down because there's nothing else to do. Dwarf Fortress approached that in a really sophisticated way: it constantly is sort of knocking down your Legos, and you are constantly having to try and one-up your design to make it a little bit better, a little more robust...

October 30, 2013Clockwork Empires first video released, dev team explains key systems (PC Gamer)
I spoke with Gaslamp about its progress on Clockwork Empires this year and got the studio to clarify its current thinking about the design of some of the sandbox game’s key systems, excerpted below...

October 30, 2013Will You Create A Thriving Colony Or A Massive Disaster (Game Informer)
Dungeons of Dredmor’s developer, Canadian indie studio Gaslamp Games, is hoping to build on the success with its next game, Clockwork Empires. The colony-building game is set in a steampunk Victorian society where players, as Junior Bureaucrats, must create a thriving settlement or destroy it in glorious fashion...

October 24, 2013The Storytellers: Clockwork Empires and creating a canvas for the YouTube generation (The Penny Arcade Report)
In Clockwork Empires, success is measured by the enormity of your failure. This isn't a game about triumphing over the odds and charting a path through rough waters. It's a game about climbing as high up a mountain as you can before leaping off the summit as majestically as you possibly can...

April 8, 2013Clockwork Empires video interview: “Things going spectacularly wrong makes a great story.” (PC Gamer Magazine)
Last August we revealed Clockwork Empires, a steampunk city-builder inspired by Dwarf Fortress (and Lovecraftian doom) from the creators of Dungeons of Dredmor, our favorite indie game of 2011...

Aujgust 28, 2012Clockwork Empires: a preview of Gaslamp Games’ Lovecraft-laden steampunk city-builder (PC Gamer Magazine)
Take SimCity and stuff it with steampunk. Take Dwarf Fortress and make it modern. Take Anno and dump H.P. Lovecraft into its oceans. Consider yourself mildly acquainted with Clockwork Empires, the next project of Gaslamp Games...

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